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The tenet of IRO Surfactant R&D team is usually to constantly make innovations and also provide the most competitive goods for our clients. After many years of hard work, IRO Surfactant currently possesses the best technological research lineup in this business in China.

Global Chelating Agents Market In Transition

World leader in electrochemical technologies enhances its IRO water and wastewater treatment portfolio by adding MIOX technologies to its product line

Milan and Albuquerque - De Nora, a global leader in electrochemical technologies and the world?s largest provider of electrodes, coatings and complete solutions for electrochemical processes, today announced it has acquired the Albuquerque-based MIOX business from Johnson Matthey for an undisclosed price.

The acquisition strengthens De Nora?s growing portfolio of water purification technologies that minimize environmental impact through improved energy efficiency, intelligent options, and chemical use reduction. De Nora?s on-site generation product offering includes electrochlorination systems using either seawater or brine for water treatment and biofouling control. The MIOX technology adds knowledge and experience in producing proprietary mixed oxidants on site for advanced applications.

Since its inception in 1994, MIOX has been a provider of reliable, cost-effective on-site generator equipment serving the municipal, industrial and oil and gas markets in the Americas, delivering a broad range of solutions to its customers.

?De Nora brings innovative electrochemical, disinfection, oxidation and filtration solutions to diverse applications around the world. Our expertise and footprint make us a leader in the electrochemical market. Now, the acquisition of MIOX expands that market reach in municipalities and industrial segments, in food and beverage, and propels our presence into cooling tower applications, adding the possibility to choose between hypochlorite and mixed oxidants productions. The MIOX technology complements De Nora?s offering with minimal overlap with our existing ClorTec products,?? said Paolo Dellach?, Group CEO of De Nora.

De Nora has been supplying electrodes to MIOX for more than 20 years. ?Our long-term relationship will support the integration of our natural synergies, reinforcing De Nora?s leading position in the on-site generation market. Merging our extensive expertise and strong IP will benefit the customers of both companies with more efficient and faster development of new products already in the R&D pipeline.?? added Paolo.

?De Nora is a natural fit for MIOX?s cutting-edge technology and its brilliant people,?? said Cem (?Gem??) Candir, MIOX President. ?MIOX has accomplished good growth in recent years especially in the United States Municipal and Industrial markets, and De Nora will enable MIOX to better serve its customers with expanded global equipment servicing capabilities.??

About De Nora

De Nora is an Italian multinational leader in sustainable technologies that offers energy saving products and water treatment solutions. Globally De Nora is the major provider of electrodes for electrochemical processes in the Chlorine & Caustic, Electronics & Surface Finishing and Renewable Energy Storage and is among the leaders in technologies and processes for the filtration and disinfection of water. It serves clients in 119 countries worldwide with 19 offices, 12 manufacturing facilities, and three research & development centers in Italy, the USA and Japan. The Group intellectual property portfolio currently contains 355 patent families with more than 3,000 territorial extensions and about 90 trademarks all over the world.

About MIOX

MIOX is an industry leader in electrochemical generation for water disinfection. MIOX chemical generators combine salt, water and power to generate sodium hypochlorite and Mixed Oxidant Solution on site, giving customers the freedom to produce disinfectants in the amount they need, when they need it. MIOX develops and supports a wide range of solutions, cost-effectively producing from 1 to 2,000 pounds per day of chlorine equivalent for varied applications such industrial cooling towers, water and wastewater treatment, produced water recycling, cleaning-in-place and dairy farm applications.

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